How many characters can an SMS have, at the most?

The maximum number of characters is 160, including spaces between words.

What are the advantages of SMS sent from short codes?

  • Enhanced security and reliability to recipients.
  • Higher volumes of bulk text messages can be sent.
  • Since short codes can be used both to send and to receive text messages, recipients can send answers to campaigns or surveys.
  • Bulk messages from short codes are not blocked by mobile operators.

Does Plusmo allow for bulk SMS delivery to mobile users in Argentina only?

Our company can send SMS to any international destination.

What is the average time for SMS to reach the destination mobile phone?

Less than 3 seconds.

How does a company/corporate customer connect to Plusmo SMS Gateway/platform to send bulk SMS or mobile marketing campaigns?

We offer two ways to send bulk SMS:

  • Through a very smooth API integration
  • Through our website, where customers can log in with their user and password to send bulk SMS.

Can we send customized bulk e-mails?

Yes, we offer bulk SMS delivery with up to 4 customizable fields, e.g., name, last name, customer number and recipient's address.

Does Plusmo keep data of customer's bulk SMS?

Pursuant to the effective regulations, Plusmo does not keep or use data provided by customers for bulk SMS. Plusmo only keeps and provides companies delivery reports and statistics about their bulk SMS.

Does Plusmo have direct connections to mobile operators?

Plusmo is one of the leading mobile telephony integrators in the region, with direct connections to all mobile operators in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru and Uruguay, as well as in Spain.

Plusmo can also send SMS to mobile operator networks in any country around the world through agreements signed with local integrators/partners.

Can Plusmo offer short code addition for bulk SMS delivery?

Yes, Plusmo can make arrangements with mobile operators in the region to provide business customers with either dedicated/exclusive or shared short codes.

What if I need to send bulk SMS to mobile numbers that have been recently ported out?

No problem, because before any bulk delivery, Plusmo platform checks and updates the line that will receive the SMS with the mobile operator.

How can I access bulk SMS reports?

Our customers can log in to Plusmo website and access bulk SMS reports.

Can bulk SMS delivery date and time be scheduled?

Yes, you can schedule delivery date and time.

Can you send links via SMS?

Yes, of course.

Do you send SMS with passwords/PINs for enhanced home banking access security?

Sure, many customers hire our SMS services to send OTP (one time passwords) to their users. These customers are usually banks, fintech companies, smartphone apps, social media, and OTT.

Whatsapp Business

What is WhatsApp Business? What is it for?

It is a WhatsApp app specific for companies and other organizations. It facilitates communications between companies and customers using WhatsApp so that users can use two different accounts–one private and one for business.

Is it available on all platforms?

The app is available on Android only.

Can I create a business profile?

Correct, you have to sign up as a business and create a verified profile for customers to be certain that they communicate with your company.

Do I have to pay a fee to use WhatsApp Business?

Yes, there is a one-time fee, a monthly charge per API, and another charge for chat sessions started by the company or its users. All these fees are paid by companies, not by their customers/users.

What if I cannot answer at a given time?

WhatsApp Business helps streamline customer care service. You can set service hours and send automatic bot messages.

Can I configure quick answers?

Of course, the purpose of WhatsApp Business is to expedite and improve customer care service. It can be implemented with default templates or bot programmed messages.

Can I make video calls?


Does WhatsApp Business include statistics?

Yes, you can consult usage statistics to check the number of messages sent, delivered, read, and received –a good alternative to monitor tool performance and quantify your efforts to serve your customers.

Can I see if my messages were read?

It depends on your contacts’ settings.

Is communication secured?

Conversations have end-to-end encryption. This ensures that messages are only read by people who are part of the interaction.


What is RCS?

It is an enriched messaging service that offers advantages over traditional SMS:

  • To see when people are writing
  • To confirm that the other person has received your message
  • To send messages using data or wifi (if wifi is enabled)
  • To offer open group support: a group that remains unchanged, regardless of any addition/removal
  • To share up to 100MB of multimedia content available to send high-quality images and videos
  • To send QR codes, dynamic files with online updates, and rebate coupons
  • To provide calendar integration
  • To share locations

With RCS you can interact with companies that agreed to communicate with you using your telephone number. For example, with RCS you can check in your flight, or check your bank balance.

Does every RCS user need to have his/her chat enabled with this type of messaging service?

To use these options, all conversation participants should have chat features enabled.

How can I sign up?

Customer devices need to have Google “Messages” app (for Android devices), or Samsung “Messages” app (for Samsung handsets).

Is my mobile phone compliant with RCS?

It is compliant with devices using Android™ 5.0 Lollipop and subsequent versions.

Is RCS an app?

No, RCS is an open protocol that enables a set of enhanced features in messaging apps. Android and Samsung messages are two examples of those apps. Bear in mind that these apps are interoperable and messages can be interchanged.

What happens if RCS is unavailable?

Messages will be sent via SMS or MMS. Often times, fallback is the name given to the process of automatically changing to SMS/MMS when RCS is unavailable. One of the main advantages of RCS is that you don't need to worry about data connections or the person you communicate having RCS. The app is automatically adjusted and messages are always sent. The messaging app will specify if the message was sent as RCS or SMS/MMS.

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