Since 1999, we have been a leading mobile integrator in Latin America, with direct connections to all mobile operators in the main countries of the region.

Our main business units are

Corporate Customer Services

Businesses with Mobile Operators

Businesses with International Operators & SMS Wholesale Companies

Corporate Customer Business

We offer SMS services, transactional text messages, Mobile Marketing campaigns, and omnichannel messaging solutions, including WhatsApp Business, RCS, Facebook Messenger and, soon, Instagram.

Mobile Operator Business

We offer mobile content, including promotions and contests, language learning courses, training and Infotainment, among other value added services.

International Operator and Bulk SMS Provider Business

We provide direct routes with mobile operators in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Peru. We send SMS to Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay, Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, other Latin American countries, Spain and the US through local partners.


Corporate Bulk SMS

We have been sending bulk SMS to corporate customers for over 15 years.

RCS Messaging

Developed as an enhanced version of SMS, but not limited to text messages only.

WhatsApp Business

It provides enhanced large-scale business communications with your customers through WhatsApp automated conversations.

Omnichannel Messaging

This service provides easier business-customer communications.


At Plusmo, we work with SMPP and API integrations.

If you need more information about our Integrations.

Companies using our SMS


Banks and
FinTech companies

Organizations that need to make communications with their customers and users as easy as possible.

E-commerce and
Retail Companies

SMS and other messaging services improve user experience and enhance transaction security.

Money Transfer /
Remittance Companies

SMS and other messaging services help keep customers and recipients informed.

OTTs, Apps

Companies that provide Web-based services use two-way messaging services.

Social Media

Social media generally use SMS for different purposes.

Health Care Companies

Messaging solutions expedite dealings between health care companies and their users.


Omnichannel messaging services, along with SMS, provide smooth communications and dealings between companies.


Used to facilitate communications between agents and customers, optimizing user experience.

We provide Google Adwords service to Corporate Clients

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